Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rabbi Meeting

The Mora d'Asra is my favorite rabbi of ones I know. who is only a few years older than me, is my go-to for questions/how I'm feeling with things. After telling him about Shabbos, he feels that this whole thing could get bad, since no one knows my status except for my room mate (and I asked her not to say anything to anyone). However, she thinks that people finding out in May about my status would be weird.

The Mora d'Asra said to call the Gadol Hador and ask him about this sponsoring rabbi business, and I'm waiting to hear about it, too.

Yes, this could get bad, but it might not.

Pretend for a second I work for the CIA or MOSSAD's Kidon. Who I work for is no one's business. I'm not obligated to tell anyone, and why should they want to know. My Jewish background, and current status, is no one's business except mine, and those select few directly involved, or who I choose to tell about it. Converting should be the same way.

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