Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Browing Frum Satire's blog, I browsed his blog roll and found a blog belonging to A Frum Punk.
New to his blog, I skimmed headlines to see what he had written about and a headline caught my eye:
Reading it, I was surprised yet pleased to read that there is at least one guy out there who is completely shomer and does not want to "cross any lines" before marriage.

Yes I admit, I have gone back and forth about it (as well as being busy with school), but have realized that there will be a time for that. My focus now is on getting into grad school and getting started on a professional career. Guys will still be here after that happens.
Who knows? Perhaps FrumPunk and I could meet someday.

PS: Anyone know how you can create a facebook for your blog identity? I tried to make one and it doesn't want to accept my name...