Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding Woes

So, I received my wedding invitation Friday afternoon. It's a secular wedding, so that's the first difference. 2.) It's in Las Vegas in August. My dilemma is making it there due to financial constraints. I would *love* to go to the wedding, I'd get to see my friend (the groom), plus my other friends I haven't seen in 4 to 5 years. I even asked a friend to go with me, and he's excited about it too!

Of course, then there's the frustration of what to wear. As I discovered upon opening the invitation, it will be the Ancient Egyptian theme. Yes, the envelope and all included paperwork were of a shimmery gold, and nside the invitation itself was a slip of papyrus. After reading the invitation, saw that the ceremony is be around midday, with a reception to follow.

Hmm, a Las Vegas morning wedding in August? What am I going to wear?

Before I got the invitation I was already on top-of-things, googling "summer wedding" and "summer wedding attire." However, "summer morning theme wedding" didn't help at all, so I'm going with my original idea of a floor-length, A-line, grey silk skirt [which I happen to have in my closet right now :-)] and some sort of dressy top. Now it's summer time which means that most department stores are going to stock skimpy tops and the like which will do nothing for me for this wedding.

Then there's the money factor. As much as I want go, I have to think about how much it's going to cost. Las Vegas isn't that far from my hometown, so I could technically drive up with my sister or something, for that weekend. I'll be home anyhow, so...I guess just wait and see what will work.

However, if I end up going, I will need an appropriate top to go with the skirt. I'm thinking a dressy shell, or boatneck top either with sleeves or can be tznius'd up. Or I could do a dressy V-neck with something under it, but I don't want to look frumpy either. I want to look and dress my age, but still dress appropriately without showing a ton of skin.

Decisions, decisions....

Tznius Clothing Websites (or ones that can be made Tznius)

The links below cover a range of religious groups: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Amish. A little something for everyone, depending on your clothing preferences. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Wedding Invite and Music Browsing

So...a friend of mine from school I spoke to twice over the weekend emails me Monday morning. In addition to the photos of a recent trip he included (pun intended), he also wrote that he's getting married this summer, and he offered to send me an invitation!

It didn't register until the next morning.

He's getting MARRIED *THIS* August!!!

I didn't quite know how to react, other than:

a.) be ticked-off that he didn't mention this over the phone, and b.) flip-out.

I immediately texted the 2 friends who knew he and I well during our time in school...and received no reply, to my dismay. One however called yesterday evening and we spent about 2 hours catching up and talking about the wedding. My thoughts were, What do I wear to a summer wedding?, How am going to fit in at a secular wedding?, and Do I have to bring a date?

I have never been to a wedding before, secular or religious. The fact that he and I were close doesn't change things, but do I ask him if I can bring a date? Is that even assumed? Having been around the Orthodox, I'm more familiar with their way-of-doing-things: the whole mechitza thing goin' on, separate dancing, and tznius definitely up there. I don't know if grey silk is appropriate for summer, but if I went, I would be the one most covered, that's for sure! And if a date is required, I would like 1 of the 2 friends mentioned above (the guy) to come with me. Now, as far as dancing is concerned (something I don't know how to do in the first place) that might be a bit more complicated.

During our conversation, I told him I'm more religious than the last time we saw each other, which was 4 years ago in school. I mean, I wasn't your party-girl-flaunting-everything then, nor was I before that, but I didn't mention shomer negiah. Or, well, beyond a handshake or the occasional hug (if I know you), but that's a rarity. So, I don't know how he'd take it not dancing without touching, but he's pretty open about religion, though not religious himself. We have interesting discussions about it, religion in general, but he respects what I'm doing.

So, while mulling over this wedding situation I go to YouTube and type in עידן רייכל. The first video that pops up is ממעמקים. Last weekend I met someone new--who knows people where I went to uni-- and I spent some time YouTube-ing "Britain's Got Talent" after our conversation. After that, and catching up on the latest Eurovision, found myself watching a הראל סקעת video called כמה עוד אפשר. Liking the beat, I found another by that artist called לפעמים חלומות מתגשמים. If you want to search for it, a better way of looking would be by its' transliteration, Lifamim Chalomot Mitgashmim. After that, I switched over to German pop with Revolverheld's Freunde Bleiben and Romeo.

Here is my 'Tune-Out-For-Awhile' playlist:

1. עידן רייכל: ממעמקים

2. הראל סקעת: כמה עוד אפשר

3. הראל סקעת: לפעמים חלומות מתגשמים

4. Revolverheld: Freunde Bleiben

5. Revolverheld: Romeo

Throw in La Historia by Marquess, No Angels' Disappear, or something by Cinema Bizarre for good measure, in addition to the nice beats you're set to tune out for a bit. The pop-usual lyrics, never mind the language, are present and accounted for :-p.